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I missed a deal. Can I still get it?

No. Once a deal on Waxistash expires or runs out, that’s it. We may offer it again at a later date but we make no promises. There are no backorders or notification lists. Sorry, first come first serve. It’s a race the quickest win.

What is the return policy?

We only accept returns for damaged and defective items. You’ll need to contact our Customer Support team within 15 days of the products arrival if it is damaged or defective. You can find more details in the How do I return a defective product section below. If the returned product is found NOT to be defective or damaged, we reserve the right to impose a 15% restocking fee.  The original shipping charge will not be refunded.

How do I return a damaged or defective product?

Contact us at, we will help you with your return. Remember we only accept damaged or defective items. If you return an item we deem is not damaged or defective we reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee and you will not be refunded the shipping fees.

What about returning something I don’t like?

If you buy something you don’t end up liking (e.g. size, color, fit, etc.), you have what some call “buyer’s remorse.” Remember, we only accept returns for damaged and defective items. We do not accept returns for personal reasons such as wrong size or color.

I didn’t mean to place the order that I just placed. How do I cancel the order?

If you want to stop an order you have to contact us immediately. Our orders ship from warehouses all over the place and we are fast. If the order has already left the building there is nothing we can do. If we still haven’t shipped the order we may be able to do something. Get in contact with us right away at

Can you tell me how many items are in stock?

No. We won’t tell you how many of a given item we have left. Just know that things go fast so if you want one order it quick. The race is part of the fun.

What is your privacy policy?

We care about your privacy. You can read our complete policy here.