The Products We Sell on Waxistash

You found this sick new site and now are wondering, "Is this sh*t legit or what?"

Well, you're right to always be skeptical as there are a lot of fake Streetwear sites advertising on Instagram and Facebook these days, but you can rest assured that Waxistash, although on the newer side, is a legit site operated in Las Vegas, Nevada by a team of digital veterans.

Waxistash works directly with the hottest Brands, themselves, and with a small handful of the top Streetwear, Sneaker, and Skate shops in the country as well. Every product is authentic and not even black or grey market. Most of what you see on Waxistash comes from the Brands directly.

If ever a question, you can hit the chat link in the bottom left of our site or drop us a line here. BUT, don't miss our deals because they go hella fast!

Now get that Cart filled with some deals!