Waxistash's Goal

The whole reason we launched Waxistash.com has two parts...

  1. Help people find good brands at a good price.
  2. Help good brands liquidate their final pieces directly to people who want them. 

It's that simple really. Some people don't give a sh*t about the newest drops happening everyday like on TheDrop.com. They just want a sick brand at a killer price. 

For the Brands, it always was painful to see a legit brand end up in a Ross, Marshall's or TJ Max. So much goes into making a Brand what it is and to see them end up in a generic graveyard just isn't right. 

Waxistash works directly with the hottest Brands, themselves, and with a small handful of the top Streetwear, Sneaker, and Skate shops in the country as well. Every product is authentic and not even black or grey market. Most of what you see on Waxistash comes from the Brands directly.

We at Waxistash hope to continue to grow Waxistash.com and become a global solution for the industry we love in helping everyone liquidate via an authentic, niche Streetwear destination.

Thank you for your support and if ever you would like to drop us line, you can contact us here.

- The Waxistash Pop-n-Lock Team

Proudly #VegasStrong

5054 Bond st
Las Vegas, NV 89118